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Sattal Trekking Information about Trekking in India, Sattal Trekking ,Trekking Uttaranchal, Trekking in Uttaranchal
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Trekking & Boating:
The desire to touch and feel the forest may see you setting off to Bhimtal (a pleasant 2 hrs trek, past June Estate), or a leisurely walk to the waterfall, just off the SatTal lake ( really care?) or go boating in the SatTal lake with a friendly know-all boat man. If you are there on a full moon night with your loved one, you may want to set-up a late night boat ride. Divine!!! Want to go fishing? Let us know and we will arrange the fishing permit and provide you the fishing gear. The permit allows you to fish and take. So catch your dinner while boating.
Got another day to spare? Take a walk to the pine forest, visit the temple en route or take a picnic hamper to the Garuda Lake, a short ride from the main SatTal lake cluster. This lake is also called Panna or Emerald Lake because of the reflection of the surrounding green forest on the clear blue water of the lake. Kids just love to feed the very visible and well fed fishes in Nal Damyanti Lake, a short drive away. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Freddy's house, stated to be one of Asia's biggest collection of butterflies and moths, named after its curator and collector, Mr Fredrick Smetacek.