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Uttaranchal forest resort

Information about Resort in Uttrankhand, Uttaranchal Forest Resort, Jungle Resorts in Uttaranchal.

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Guest Comments:

A place where one can breathe beauty. True love of nature. I found the place most romantic. Hospitality and cook were great. Very humble staff.
Rohit Bhaskar

It was a complete package of total mental and physical relaxation. Everything, the ambience, location, the hospitality, the staff, the cook was too good. It was a memorable trip.

Sushma Goel

We had a blast. Thanks a ton

Cary D'mello 9811226696

One of the loveliest places in the Himalayas. I loved being here.

Abhinav Goel Mobile: +91 99101 70694

Great food, soothing ambience. A fantastic overall experience.

Kaushik Moitra

Wonderful, excellent staff. Hospitality was very good. The landscape and property is enjoyable and people managing it made it unique. Very good. Hope to be here again

Rahul Yadav 9313279852

Most outstanding place ever visited near Delhi. Very relaxing & scenic beauty is mind boggling. Staff members very helpful and we really felt like being at home. We will like to visit it again.

Mahender Raghuvanshi

This would rank as the best place I have visited in last 3 years near Delhi.

Anand Vaid

"Abs Fabs", Minutest of details taken care of and beautiful place and gorgeously organised food just tremendous. All the best. Above all, good management.

Neela and Mohan Sontakay.

It's impossible to express my feelings after visiting this heavenly place. The location is breath taking, planning and layout Excellent. Décor spread in the wall thought of and the staff VV courteous. AN UNFORGETTABLE VISIT.

T K Mittra
Email :

We (me and my wife) had come for 4 days to Sattal Forest Resort. This was our honeymoon trip, which became ever green in our hearts as the hospitality and the ambience was too good. The rooms are clean and spacious. The location of the resort is very good. People are friendly and nice to guest. Thank you very much!!!

Charanyan. S.V.
Email -